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Partner Program


SPS helps business to capture and manage their transaction in a complex today's business world. Our retail and partner partners are critical to helping us spread the SPS experience to consumers nation-wide. We appreciate the time and resources our partners invest in training knowledgeable staff and providing a compelling SPS in-store experience. In return, Salihin is committed to consistently develop and deliver innovative products that capture consumer interest and bring in higher revenues and more customers to your store.

1. Bolstering market value

Strong accounting data from SPS, increased consumer confidence in market.

2. Become a credible and trusted partner in business

Put the trust with SPS and providing assits in all expect of accounting flow.

3. Potential add on services

Salihin is willing to share the potential of add on services with the partners.

4. Broaden product range

Take full advantage of opportunities in market categories with high growth potential software.

5. Enlarge and thus scrutinize a new business networking

Efforts to enhance networks promote productive collaboration, effective at sharing knowledge across boundaries.

6. Adhere to participate in promotion with active partner

Active partners will be invited to participate in the Salihin promotion and activity. For example, roadshow, training and etc.

7. Strong Recognition

More than half of market enquiries end up with a service centre extended market.

Please complete and submit the Partner Application Form.

Each partner must initially purchase a minimum of 10 units.

The partner must have a registered company and valid address. Partners with marketing capability, basic accounting knowledge and training facility are preferred.

See partner benefit section here or contact Salihin marketing department.

Yes it is necessary to equip the partner on how to use the software and be able to consult, support or train end users.

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